• Hocking Phasec 2d

Hocking Phasec 2d  

Dual Frequency Eddy Current Instrument for Crack and Corrosion

Detection in Metal Components, Tubes, Structures and Welds

Hocking Phasec 2d ensures the user an extremely high performance in rotary and conductivity mode along with a very wide selection of filters and potential modes. It is a highly sophisticated, dual frequency instrument in the same compact, high quality casing of Phasec 2s.

Features and Benefits 

Split Screen Display:

Setting up rotary inspections has now been made even easier by being able to split the screen into timebase and XY display.

Two Frequency Operation:

Unwanted signals can be removed by mixing them out with the two frequency operation. A single probe can be run simultaneously at two different channels, each with their own settings, filters, alarms and so on. This means that although the instrument is single input, it runs two channels simultaneously. The powerful Automix feature takes much of the operator reliant adjustment out of setting up a good 2 channel inspection.

Spot Info:

Spot info gives the co-ordinates of the spot on the screen. Instances where this is useful include determining conductivity and coating thickness measurement.

Instantaneous Balance:

Phasec 2d balances immediately on pressing the button so there is no waiting for the unit to ready itself.

Data Manipulation:

Phasec 2d has a number of features that allow data manipulation and storage by the operator:

  • The USB connection allows down[1]load and upload of settings so that information can be quickly backed up and restored.
  • Phasec 2d can be connected to third party data capture software, printers, plotters and standard laboratory equipment. This allows integration of the unit into fully recordable field trials.
  • All software updates are performed through the front panel connectors, so upgrades can be downloaded from the web and uploaded onto the unit.

Ordering Information 

Hocking Phasec 2D: 072-100-043


  • Detection of surface breaking cracks in metals
  • Inspection through non-ferrous coatings such as paint and oil
  • Detection of subsurface (to approximately 0.100 inches) cracks and corrosion in non-ferrous metals
  • Two frequency operation can minimize the impact of artifacts such as baffle plates in tubing and improve defect detectability
  • Inspection of the inside diameter of fastener holes when used in conjunction with a rotating drive
  • Electrical conductivity measurement to identify non-ferrous metals, verify heat treatment, validate in-service heat damage, and measure the density of powder metal parts

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Hocking Phasec 2d

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