• Hocking Locator UH

Hocking Locator UH 

Universal high frequency eddy current instrument. 

Locator UH is the automatic solution to the problems of detecting surface breaking cracks in metals. Portable, rugged, and reliable it can be set up rapidly and is simple to operate. Three frequency settings cover the full range of metals and components, providing more accurate inspection at lower costs.


Universal Application – three Instruments in One.

500kHz (200kHz optional): general purpose use.

2MHz: bolt holes, threads, splines, gears.

6MHz: outstanding on edges, and on titanium, high nickel alloys, turbine blades and discs.

Repeatable, Simple Test Set Up

Pushbutton lift-off compensation achieves near perfect correction over critical small spacings.

Pushbutton zeroing compensates for edge testing and geometry changes. Calibrated, lockable gain control for accurate, repeatable settings.

Total Portability

Battery or a.c. operation. Built-in charger.

Detachable case lid stores probes, cables, reference blocks, shoulder strap, power cord and optional remote unit.

Extra Ruggedness

Steel/aluminium, rubber sealed instrument case fits in tough ABS carrying case.

Probes for Every Application

Select from a wide variety of standard and special probes in pencil, right angle, bolt hole and thread root configurations.

Choose 500kHz, 2MHz or 6MHz in unshielded, semi or fully shielded designs, including 6Mhz microfocus.

Automatic Line Voltage Detection/Selection

Instrument sets itself to correct voltage. 


Frequency Ranges: Switchable to 500kHz (or 200kHz), 2MHz and 6MHz.

Lift-Off: Pushbutton automatic compensation.

Zero: Automatically occurs with lift-off compensation. Additional instantaneous pushbutton or manual control for geometry or edge compensation.

Sensitivity or Gain: Ten turn control with digital 0–999-unit display amplitude.

Alarm Threshold: Calibrated 0-100 to correspond with meter display amplitude. 

Audio/Visual Alarm: Internal or on Remote Control. May be continuous, pulsed or muted. LED on instrument front panel. Indication also on Remote Control bar graph display.

Metals Selector: Virtually all metals can be examined. Separate position for Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Austenitic Stainless Steel and Ferrous metals.

Power Supply: Built-in nicad rechargeable cells. Alternatively, may be connected through battery charge input to a.c. line voltage and used continuously.

Battery Duration: 8 to 10 Hours per charge.

Low Battery Warning: Flashing LED on front panel and Remote Control.

Instrument ”on” Indicator: Steady LED on front panel.

Battery Charger: Built in.

Re-charge Time: Set for 10 hours as standard. Charger is safe for permanent connection.

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Hocking Locator UH

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