Hocking Locator 2 

Available in Single and Dual Frequency models the AeroCheck Flaw Detectors deliver the best in Eddy Current performance, with rotary inspection capabilities as standard, together with variety of advanced features. 

Locator 2 is a versatile, lightweight unit that is designed for operation in a wide range of environments. A variety of accessories is available for setting the unit in the optimal position for operator ease including tripods and other camera accessories. These can be secured to Locator 2 using the camera thread provided on the lower edge.

Locator 2 has high grip rubber handles on the rear of the unit and these are intended to prevent sliding of the unit when placed on inclined shiny surfaces. Care should be taken to keep the rear of the Locator 2 clean to prevent scratching of the surface. Avoid placing the instrument on contaminated surfaces where it might pick up abrasive particles.

All operating controls are available on the front panel of the instrument. The most frequently used controls (balance, clear and freeze) are located vertically beside the screen.

These buttons are duplicated on either side to allow both left handed and right handed operation. These keys have two functions. The short press function is as indicated by the light writing on the dark background (i.e. Balance, Clear, Freeze). The second functions are invoked by a long press and are as indicated by the dark writing on the light ellipse (i.e. Automatic Load selection, Clear Reference Trace and Keyboard Lock). These are positioned to be most accessible during operation.

All the controls required for adjustment of operating settings are based along the loweredge of the screen. Softkeys are engraved with F1 to F6 for ease of reference. 

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Hocking Locator 2

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