• X-Rite Labelling Tape

X-Rite Labelling Tape 

  • The fast easy way to identify X-ray film
  • Replaces lead characters
  • Easy-to-Use with a ballpoint pen
  • Place the marking tape in any open location on the x-ray cassette
  • Provides consistent results over a wide range of exposure levels (using holder blockers which are NOT included)


  • Using a ballpoint pen, press firmly and print the patient’s name on the marking tape.
  • Remove the paper backing by folding slightly to split the two pieces.
  • Affix the tape to the correct holder blocker with the tape’s black area cantered down the blocker’s length.
  • Use the overhanging tape to affix the label to the tube side of a cassette. (Cation: do not place the tape and holder blocker in an area where a cassette has an identification window. The lead behind the intensifying screen does not allow for proper tape identification).
  • Place the cassette and make the exposure.


Storage in direct sunlight or excessive heat may cause damage to tape. Store carton flat at 29°C (85°F) or below.

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X-Rite Labelling Tape

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