• Image Quality Indicators (IQIs)

Image Quality Indicators (IQIs) 

The image quality indicators (IQIs), which are also referred to as penetrameters, are test pieces used to control a radiograph’s quality. IQI indicates the contrast sensitivity and definition of the radiograph and serves the purpose of product testing. 

The sensitivity of an industrial radiograph is determined by using one or more image quality indicators.

The selection of Image quality indicators is made from either the same radiographed workpiece alloy material group or an alloy material group or grade with less radiation absorption than the material being radiographed. IQIs are used when the internal conditions of a specimen are to be examined in precise detail to aid in interpreting the radiographs.

Wire-Type image quality indicator

Wire image quality indicators consist of a set of six wires; the wires are arranged in order of incremental diameter and encased between two sheets of clear plastic. The same image quality levels and expressions used for hole-type image quality indicators are typically used for wire-type.

Ordering Information

ASTM E747-84a / ASME SE747-97a - Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture and Material Grouping Classification of Wire Image Quality Indicators (IQI) Used for Radiology.

Wire Set size

  • Set 1A Wire No1 0.08mm (0.0032in), Wire No2 0.10mm (0.0040in), Wire No3 0.13mm (0.0050in), Wire No4 0.16mm (0.0063in), Wire No5 0.20mm (0.0080in), Wire No6 0.25mm (0.0100in) – use for material 6.35mm to 19mm thick
  • Set 1B – Wire No6 0.025mm (0.0100in), Wire No7 0.33mm (0.013in), Wire No8 0.40mm (0.016in), Wire No9 0.51mm (0.020in), Wire No10 0.64mm (0.025in), Wire No11 0.81mm (0.032in) – use for material 19mm to 44.5mm thick
  • Set 1C – Wire No11 0.81mm (0.032in), Wire No12 1.02mm (0.040in), Wire No13 1.27mm (0.050in), Wire No14 1.60mm (0.063in), Wire No15 2.03mm (0.080in), Wire No16 2.50mm (0.100in) – use for material 44.5mm to 102mm thick
  • Set 1D – Wire No16 2.50mm (0.100in), Wire No17 3.20mm (0.128in), Wire No18 4.06mm (0.160in), Wire No19 5.10mm (0.200in), Wire No20 6.40mm (0.250in), Wire No21 8.00mm (0.320in) – use for material 102mm to 254mm thick

Material Type: Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Copper, Inconel, Magnesium, Aluminium Bronze

Wire Length: 50mm

EN 462-1:1994 & ISO 19232-1-2013 - Non-destructive testing, Image Quality of radiographs, Image quality indicators (wire type) and determination of image quality value.

Wire Set size

  • Set 1 FE EN – Wire No1 3.20mm (0.126in), Wire No2 2.50mm (0.098in), Wire No3 2.00mm (0.078), Wire No4 1.60mm (0.063), Wire No5 1.25mm (0.049), Wire No6 1.00mm (0.039), Wire No7 0.80mm (0.031) – use for material 40mm - 160mm thick
  • Set 6 FE EN Wire No6 1.00mm (0.039in), Wire No7 0.80mm (0.031in), Wire No8 0.63mm (0.025in), Wire No9 0.50mm (0.020in), Wire No10 0.40mm (0.016in), Wire No11 0.32mm (0.013in) Wire No12 0.25mm (0.010in) – use for material 12.5mm - 50mm thick
  • Set 10 FE EN – Wire No10 0.40mm (0.0157in), Wire No11 0.32mm (0.013in), Wire No12 0.25mm (0.010in), Wire No13 0.20mm (0.008in), Wire No14 0.16mm (0.006in), Wire No15 0.125mm (0.005in), Wire No16 0.100mm (0.004in) – use for material 5mm - 20mm thick
  • Set 13 FE EN – Wire No13 0.20mm (0.008in), Wire No14 0.16mm (0.006in), Wire No15 0.125mm (0.005in), Wire No16 0.100mm (0.004in), Wire No17 0.080mm (0.003in), Wire No18 0.063mm (0.002in), Wire No19 0.050mm (0.001in) use for material 2.5mm - 10mm thick

Material Type: Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium (only sizes 10 FE EN and 13 FE EN) Aluminium, Copper, Inconel

Wire Length: 50mm, 25mm,10mm

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Image Quality Indicators (IQIs)

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