• Agfa Structurix G335

Agfa Structurix G335 

Fixer & Replenisher 

The Agfa Structurix G335 is designed for automatic processing of X-ray films.

The Agfa Structurix G335 is supplied in boxes. One box contains two identical semi-sets, each of which consists of two components (5 liters of component A and 1.25 liters of component B). Each of the semi-sets can be diluted with up to 20 liters of working solution.

Ordering Information 

Two-part pack, with Hardener, for Automatic or Manual Processing to make:

 2 x 20 litres working solution (automatic processing)

 2 x 25 litres Working Solution (manual processing)

Recommendations for dilution of G335 concentrate 

To dilute one semi-set of fixage, it is necessary to pour 5 liters of concentrate (component A) into a container with 10 liters of water (water temperature from +15 ° C to + 40 ° C), add 1.25 liters of concentrate (component B), after which it is necessary to add the remaining 3.75 liters of water to the resulting solution.

ATTENTION! After each addition of the next component of the concentrate, the solutions should be thoroughly mixed.

Storage conditions 

In the process of storage, chemical reagents should have optimal temperature limits, which, in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation, make up the temperature range from + 4 ° C to + 23 ° C. A positive temperature range for the use of these chemical reagents is primarily due to the high-water content in their composition. These chemical reagents at low temperatures (up to -50 ° C) slightly change their physicochemical properties.

In case of freezing of chemical reagents, it is necessary to defrost them at room temperature and apply them as usual.

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Agfa Structurix G335

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