• Agfa Structurix G328

Agfa Structurix G328 

Manual Fixer 

Agfa Structurix G 328 is a one-component, liquid fixer for manual processing of industrial X-ray films. The G328 retainer does not contain a hardener.

Fixative Agfa Structurix G328 is supplied in a convenient canister made of polyethylene, containing 5 liters of concentrate for the preparation of 25 liters of the finished solution.

Ordering Information  

Agfa Structurix G 328: 5L Container

Agfa Structurix G 328: 4x5L Pack


The recommended rate of additive of the finished developer G128 does not depend on the chosen method of manual processing and is applicable to both channel type suspensions and clamp type pendants:

an average of 600 ml/m2 or 90 ml per 35 x 43 cm film.

when added, it is necessary to maintain a constant level and completely replace the solution after fixing the amount of film at the rate of 1.5 m2 per 1 liter of the original solution.

When using automatic drying, such as DRYER, it is necessary to use the G335 fixer (parts A and B) or ecoFIX (parts A and B). If the Structurix G 328 fixer is used, it is strongly recommended to add a hardener to it.

Recommendations for dilution of G328 concentrate 

In a container with 15 liters of water (water temperature from + 15 ° C to + 40 ° C), pour 5 liters of concentrate, mix thoroughly, after which it is necessary to add the remaining 5 liters of water to the resulting solution (water temperature from + 15 ° C to + 40 ° C).

Storage conditions  

In the process of storage, chemical reagents should have optimal temperature limits, which, in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation, make up the temperature range from + 4 ° C to + 23 ° C. A positive temperature range for the use of these chemical reagents is primarily due to the high water content in their composition. These chemical reagents at low temperatures (up to -50 ° C) slightly change their physicochemical properties.

In case of freezing of chemical reagents, it is necessary to defrost them at room temperature and apply them as usual.

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Agfa Structurix G328

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