Ferroflux 400 

Magnetic test bench for small parts 

The Ferroflux 400 is the ideal MPI system for testing small parts (up to 400mm length) in small batches, or for random inspections. It is equipped with external power packs to feed the magnetisation
circuits. The detection of longitudinal and transversal cracks is carried out in two separate sequential steps.


  • Stable aluminium frame construction
  • Horizontal hand lever clamping device
  • Contact by exchangeable copper pads Ø 80 mm, smooth to work pieces
  • Moveable magnetising coil / insulated inside / approx. 340 mm clearance
  • Clamping length: 400 mm
  • Manual high current switch from coil magnetisation to current flow
  • Stainless steel test liquid tray with integrated test liquid tank and circulation pump
  • Suitable for oil- and water-based chemicals
  • Tank capacity approx. 12 L
  • Frame with topside storage space for the required power pack
  • Additional socket outlet to connect a UV lamp
  • High current cables and foot switch for power pack

Ordering Information 

Ferroflux 400: 041040

Mains supply 230V/50Hz, with earth

  •          Clamping Length 20-400 mm
  •          Traversing340 mm diameter Coil
  •          Maximum Component Clamp
  •          Integrated Re-circulating Ink Tank and Agitation Pump, 8 L
  •          Hand Operated Ink Applicator and Hose
  •          CE Mark

Ferroflux 400 with Ferrotest 10 power pack: 041041

Includes all necessary high current cables and foot switch

Ferroflux 400 with GWH 15 power pack: 041042

Includes all necessary high current cables and foot switch

Ferroflux with Ferrotest 20 power pack: 041043

Includes all necessary high current cables and foot switch

Options for Ferroflux 400 

Darkening Booth: 0341479S

Stand-alone inspection boot with four steel support

  • 2000 mm W x 1500 mm D x 2200 mm H
  • Sliding curtains for entry/exit
  • UV Light NOT included

Foot switch: 056225

For activating magnetisation impulse. 3m cable length.

Connecting cables: 056020

2 x high current cable, Type C, cross section: 95mm2, length 2.5m

Note: all Start Up Kits are supplied with the following accessories: 

  •          Field Indicator, 10 Gauss, non-calibrated
  •          Pie Field Gauge
  •          Centrifuge Tube to ASTM E 709-80 / D96, with stand
  •          UV-A absorbing safety glasses

Start-Up Kit for Ferroflux 400, Water based: 133186

  •          MF-655 WB Water-based Fluorescent Magnetic Concentrate, 12 x 1 L
  •          Contact pad 80 mm diameter

Start-Up Kit for Ferroflux 400, Oil based: 133187

  •          622.1 Oil-based Fluorescent Magnetic Ink, 6 x 1 L
  •          Contact pad 80 mm diameter

Product Properties 

NDT Type: Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing


Ideal Application: Detect and locate fatigue cracks or processing defects in ferrous components, using the ‘wet continuous’ method of magnetic particle inspection.

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Ferroflux 400

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 041040
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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