• ART UVe-Lux

ART UVe-Lux 


The UVe-LUX is a compact, lightweight and robust meter specifically designed for the non-destructive testing environment.  The meter is a dual white-light (WL) and ultra-violet (UV) meter designed to give simultaneous readings of both WL and UV.


  • Single sensor head measures UV and white light at the same time.
  • 320 x 240 pixel 2.4” colour display.
  • Dimmable display to extend battery life.
  • High contrast ratio OLED screen  (over 30 x greater than a TFT-LCD in dark conditions and over 12 x in sunlight).
  • 180°(UD)/180°(LR) viewing angle (over 3 x viewing angle of TFT-LCD in both viewing planes).
  • Auto-ranging on both WL and UV scales.
  • Menu driven setup and multi-function buttons.
  • ‘Auto Hold’ function to record maximum readings.
  • Adjustable auto-power down to conserve battery life.
  • Meets the requirements for non-destructive testing viewing conditions for penetrant and magnetic particle inspections (ISO 3059).
  • Measurement units - WL: lux or fc, UV: μW/cm²
  • Measuring range-WL:0.1 to 5000 lux, UVA:  1 to 10,000μW/cm²

  • Accuracy - WL: better than 5%, UV: better than 5%

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