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Tangential Field Strength Meter

The Baugh & Weedon MagnaCheck is a powerful electromagnetic field detector (otherwise known as a gaussmeter or magnetometer) used to measure the strength and direction of magnetic fields. It is the first in its class to incorporate a 3D sensor that displays the information in X, Y and Z planes which has allowed users to save time by increasing efficiency. Match that with an ergonomic, rugged design and you have an instrument that will get the job done reliably every time, no matter where you are.


3D Probe

1D Probe

Measurement range

To 2000 Gauss

To 1000 Gauss


Gauss, mTesla, Ka/m

Measurement modes

DC, AC peak, true RMS

MPI bench support

True RMS for thyristor switched fields

True RMS and shot time measurement**

Peak hold mode

Off, 1, 2, 5 and 10 seconds

Measurement sample rate

70 samples/second

500 samples/second

Measurement resolution

0.16 Gauss

0.1 Gauss

Probe types

3D Auto Recognition

1D Transverse

Sensor calibration

Stored digitally in probe

Measurement accuracy


Standards compliance

ASTM E1444/1444M-16 and EN ISO 9934-3


Manual zero with null pot supplied

Display type

Colour LCD with selectable backlight

Display size and resolution

70mm (2.8”) 320x240 pixels


2 x 1.5V AA batteries.

Typical battery life

In excess of 10 hrs continuous use

Instrument dimensions

163mm (6.4")(h) x 80mm (3")(w) x 25mm (1")(d)

With rubber boot: 168mm (6.6") (h) x 85mm (3.3” )(w) x 30mm (1.2”)(d)

Instrument weight

350g (0.77lb) including batteries


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