• DSC AWS Block

AWS Shear Wave Distance/Sensitivity Calibration (DSC) Block (Aluminium or Steel) 

A block that closely resembles the miniature angle-beam block and is used in a similar way is the DSC AWS Block. This block is used to determine the beam exit point and refracted angle of angle-beam transducers and to calibrate distance and set the sensitivity for both normal and angle beam inspection setups. Instructions on using the DSC block can be found in the annex of American Society for Testing and Materials Standard E164, Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Contact Examination of Weldments.

AWS-type block used for shear wave distance and sensitivity calibration. Contains a 1.0″ radius opposite a 3.0″ radius. The 3.0″ radius includes a .375″ deep x .032″ wide radiused slot. Also contains a 0° reference point for checking exit point on wedge, and a .125″ diameter through hole and corresponding markings at 45°, 60°, and 70° for measuring actual refracted angle. In accordance with ASTM E164 and AWS 6.16.1B. Dimensions: 1″ thick.

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