MAT 2 Yoke 

Permanent Magnet 

The MAT 2 Permanent yoke magnet is ideal for the effective magnetization of components for crack detection, particularly when the use of electromagnetic yokes is impractical or prohibited for safety reasons.

The hinged arms and rotating angled pole pieces facilitate the local inspection of a diverse range of components such as critical welds in structures or fabrications, castings, and automotive components.

Neoflux has been specially selected for the MAT 2. This material offers the highest magnetic energy per unit volume commercially available today and due it’s longer ‘magnetic life’ can be more convenient for the inspector as well as reducing operational costs. The MAT 2 can also be supplied in kit form consisting of a carrying case, MAT 2 Permanent magnet, 1 x Aerosols of Matpaint (White contrast Paint), 1X Aerosol Matblack (Black magnetic test ink) or 1X Aerosol Matflu fluorescent magnetic test ink, wire brush.


  • Lifting power: More than 18kg
  • Magnet material: Neoflux
  • Dimensions: Handle length: 190mm, Height: 165mm, Poles: 25mm
  • Weight: Yoke: 1.5kg

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MAT 2 Yoke

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