• Magnetic Flux Indicators

Magnetic Flux Indicators 

Laminated Magnetic Flux Indicator Strips 

Magnetic Flux Indicators provide a guide to the direction of the magnetic field and can provide an estimate of the magnetic field strength. The indicators have a core of high-permeability steel with brass cladding 0.05 mm thick on both sides. The core material has three slots of different widths, providing discontinuities that show as linear indications in a magnetic field.

Laminated Magnetic Flux Strips are stiffer than QQIs, and do not conform to curved surfaces easily. But unlike QQIs, Laminated Magnetic Flux Strips are not permanently affixed to a part so they can be reused for multiple applications. Because they form linear indications in only one direction, Laminated Magnetic Flux Strips are not suitable for use with multi-directional magnetisation.


Place the indicator strip on the surface of the area to be examined. The strip may be held in place manually or with the use of an adhesive or tape. Do not cover the centre of the strip with tape because that will prevent formation of indications. The indicator strip will give the strongest indications when positioned with its major axis on the direction of the suspected defects. If you suspect defects in all directions, apply a second strip at right angles to the first. One the strip(s) is in place, energise the magnetic field and apply magnetic particles (wet suspension or dry powder). Maintain the magnetic field while you inspect for indications. Indications perpendicular to the magnetic flux will be stronger and more well defined than indications at an angle. No indications will form if the strip is aligned parallel to (in line with) the magnetic flux.

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Magnetic Indicator Strips Type G (I) General (Pk. 5): 008M004

Magnetic Indicator Strips Type A (II) General (Pk. 5): 008M005


Standards: ASTM E3024, EN ISO 9934-1

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Magnetic Flux Indicators

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