• S200SA


Carbon Filtration Unit 

Magnaflux carbon filtration units are designed to remove penetrants from post-rinsewater. Once clean, the rinsewater can be pumped to drain/waste (subject to local authority requirements) or recycled to another process.

The S200SA consists of a unique activated carbon filter unit through which penetrant rinsewater is circulated. A pump circulates the rinsewater from the holding tank through the carbon filter, and then back to the holding tank. This process is repeated until the rinsewater is clean.

Once clean, the rinsewater can be pumped to drain/waste simply by moving the control valve to the drain position.


  • Low-cost and economical to run
  • Self-contained and portable
  • Easy to use

Ordering Information 

S200A Semi-Auto: 009Z014

Semi-Auto Pump Controls; Float Swich (preventing the pump from running dry); 200L maximum tank capacity; Re-circulating Pump; 20 L Carbon Drum

Activated Carbon Granules (25kg bag): 079C002

Replacement Coalescer Cartridge: 015F004

Replacement 200 L Carbon Drum for S200: 015F029

Product Properties 

NDT Type: Fluorescent Penetrant Testing, Visible Penetrant Testing


Ideal Application: Removing penetrant from post-rinsewater


Standards: All units carry the CE mark and conform to the appropriate EU directives.

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