The HELLING reference block NR-5 corresponds to the reference block PSM-5 according to ASTM (TAM Panel 146040).

It consists of a rectangular stainless steel plate (153 mm x 102 mm). On one half there is a chrome strip; on it five crack centers sorted according to size. The other half is sandblasted (medium roughness).


1. Part with the crack centers:

Monitoring and control of the testing process of penetrant testing on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic crack detection test facilities.

(Standard reference block for the aerospace industry: Pratt & Whitney Aircraft TAM 146040).

2. Sand-blasted part:

Control of the excess penetrant removal.


NOT suitable for performing comparative tests with different test systems.

For each testing product family in operation a separate reference block must be used.

Just like reference block PSM-5, reference block NR-5 also meets the requirements of

  • ASTM E1417 (§
  • General Electric Specification P3TF2 (§5.4.1 and 10.1)
  • MIL-STD 6866 (§ 5.8.3, 33B-11)
  • NAVAIR 01-1A-16
  • TM43-0103

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Helling Reference Block NR-5 (PSM-5)

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