• Apollo 365 Series

Apollo 365 Series

UV Inspection Lights are used in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for fluorescing fluorescent magnetic inks and fluorescent dye penetrants. The Apollo series of overhead light panels utilise state-of-art LED technology and are great tools for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection.

Advantages of the Apollo 365 Series include:

  • Customise UV intensity & coverage.
  • Interchangeable lighting between “flood” and “spot”.
  • Easy Maintenance due to modular configuration.
  • 100% solid state circuit ensures stable operation in strong magnetic fields.


The Apollo Series of overhead UV Light panels utilises the state-of-art LED technology and is a proven tool for fluorescent MT, PT and leak detection. Constructed from aviation grade aluminium alloy, Apollo 365 series LED UV panel is a rugged unit and will endure the harshest working conditions, being dust-proof and having an excellent on-board cooling system. A waterproof protective case can also be added to either model.

The unique feature of Apollo 365 series LED UV panel is its module-based design. Each LED of Apollo 365 is encapsulated as an independent unit and are interchangeable, between “flood” and “spot” for example, so you can create your preferred overhead light configuration with the desired UV intensity and coverage area.

The standard Apollo 365L is 400mm long and consists of 8 UV LEDs and 2 white LEDs, which ensures high UV intensity and large coverage. The Apollo 365XL is 610mm long and carries 16 high performance UV LEDs and 4 white LEDs, which ensures high UV intensity and large coverage.


  • Instant maximum output without pre-heating.
  • Switch function between UV light and white light.
  • LED modular based design with excellent maintainability.
  • Adjustable bulb output: units can be set up in the required location and brightness adjusted for optimum intensity.
  • Safe and pure UV-A centering at 365nm.

Standard Kit

Apollo 365L:

  • 400mm x 200mm x 86mm
  • 8 x UV LEDs, 2 x White light LEDs

Apollo 365XL:

  • 610mm x 200mm x 86mm
  • 16 x UV LEDs, 4 x White light LEDs


Waterproof casing.

Individual Lighting Modules: Spot, Flood or White.

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Apollo 365 Series

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