• SigmaCheck 2

SigmaCheck 2 

The SigmaCheck 2 Eddy Current (ECT) Conductivity Meter is designed to provide the user with fast and accurate conductivity measurements at a reasonable price; whilst being extremely easy to use making it suitable for use by shop inspectors or engineers. 

Meeting the requirements for conductivity measurements in the aircraft manufacture and maintenance, the SigmaCheck 2 is put to work where conductivity measurements are used to verify proper alloy/temper or detect heat damaged components.

The Sigmacheck 2 is extremely user friendly and can just as easily be operated by a semi-skilled Operator as by Experts. It will be equally at home in the Aerospace, Metals Processing, Casting, Maintenance and Quality Assurance industries as well as appealing to Heat Treatment Specialists and those determining the purity of materials such as gold bullion and coins (counterfeit detection).


  • Aerospace
  • Transport
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power generation
  • Metals processing
  • Materials sorting


  • High resolution colour display (2.8”/71mm, 320 pixels by 240 pixels).
  • Lockdown mode allows advanced users to lock down features and settings for basic operator mode.
  • Accurate conductivity range (0.5% IACS to 110% IACS, 0.28-64 Ms/m).
  • Wide range of frequencies for testing thin materials (60kHz, 120kHz, 240kHz, 480kHz). Option of 960kHz.
  • Non-conductive coating thickness. Measurement displays up to 0.5mm.
  • Lightweight (350 grams / 12 oz).
  • Ergonomic slim-line case design and easy to hold probe with adjustable finger-grip.


  • User programmable display.
  • 2GB of data storage. Able to store over one million data points.
  • Uploaded data can be viewed using MS Excel.
  • Intelligent charger via USB Port.
  • Multiple languages available. e.g. English, German, French, Spanish.
  • Excellent resistance to “edge effect”.
  • Rapid Display of Conductivity Results.
  • Battery life (up to 9 hours).
  • Firmware can be upgraded in field.
  • Different probes may be configured by loading the appropriate probe map from SD Card.
  • Real-time clock for time and date so that readings can be “time stamped”.
  • Real-time PC control via USB or optional RS232 link.


  • Material verification / sorting
  • Heat treatment verification
  • Heat or fire damage investigation
  • Material ageing assessment
  • Measuring phosphor content of Cu alloys
  • Monitoring of deposition process for non-ferrous material on a non-ferrous substrate
  • Forged/plated material verification
  • Non-conductive coating thickness measurement
  • Determining the purity / composition of materials i.e. gold bullion and coins
  • Aircraft structures e.g. Paint thickness measurement


Boeing BAC5651, Airbus AITM 6-6004, ASTM E1004, AMS2658, BS EN 2004, MIL-STD-1537, Bell Helicopter BPS 4453

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SigmaCheck 2

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