Tam Panel PSM-5 (Sherwin, Inc.) - Polished 

The The PSM-5 Penetrant System Monitoring Panel provides a quick means of determining the continued serviceability of liquid penetrant inspection systems: fluorescent or visible; water-washable; post-emulsifiable, or pre-wash.

The panel verifies that all elements – penetrant emulsifier, wash, dryer, and developer – are functioning properly. It brings attention major shifts in the system’s operating parameters.

Sherwin Incorporated manufactures each PSM-5 panel to P&WA specifications. A stainless-steel panel, 0.090″ thick and measuring 4 x 6 inches. A chrome or grit plated strip runs the length of one side of the panel. Five cracked starbursts are evenly spaced in the chrome or grit plating in order of magnitude; the largest is readily visible with low sensitivity penetrants, while the smallest is difficult to observe even with high sensitivity materials.

he cracks appear in order of magnitude; the largest being visible with low sensitivity materials and the smallest being difficult to detect with even the highest sensitivity materials. The largest crack centre is about 1/4 inch, the second largest 5/32 inch, the third 3/32 inch, the fourth 1/16 inch, and the smallest about 1/32 inch in diameter.

Adjacent to the chrome plating is an oxide grit blasted area, considered “medium rough,” and used to monitor washability and background fluorescence.

There are two versions of the panel.

  • Polished – the chrome plated section is polished and mirror-like.
  • Grit Blasted – the chrome section has been lightly grit blasted to dull the mirror finish.

While no two panels are identical – crack patterns vary because chrome plating properties and thickness cannot be controlled precisely – each panel conforms to P&WA specifications as confirmed and certified by the Sherwin Incorporated laboratory.


  • Pratt & Whitney (TAM 146040)
  • ASTM-E1417
  • MIL-STD-6866

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Tam Panel PSM-5 (Sherwin, Inc.) - Polished

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