• Hocking Locator 2s

Hocking Locator 2s 

Single Frequency Eddy Current Instrument with Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement 

Locator 2s is a single frequency eddy current instrument and succeeds the highly popular Locator 2. Locator 2s is the latest in hand held eddy current inspection, designed with the needs of the operator in mind. Its lightness (only 0.94kg), unique keypad controls, ease of programming and particularly its big screen mean lots of inspections with little fatigue. The large LCD display can be seen clearly under any light conditions, even direct sunlight and the lithium-ion batteries allow for over 8 hours of operation, even with the backlight on.


  • Single Frequency Eddy Current Unit
  • Conductivity and Coating Thickness modes
  • Finds flaws and corrosion in metal components and structures
  • Output via RS232
  • Trace record with parameter adjustment to optimise signal
  • Independent X & Y gain adjustment
  • Band Pass and Ultra filters
  • Light & portable - weighs just 0.94 kg
  • Similar interface to Locator 2 allowing easy cross-training
  • Lithium-ion batteries typically run for up to 8 hours from a full charge
  • Compatible with most existing probes
  • Simple set-up procedure
  • Storage of 50 setups and up to 50 traces
  • Phase Plane/YT display modes
  • Advanced LCD allows easy viewing in all light levels


  • Operating Frequency: Normal: 60Hz to 6 MHz (198 steps per

decade adjustment); Conductivity: 60kHz

  • Display: LCD with LED backlight. Protected by hard coateacrylic window; 480 x 320 pixel resolution; 115 x 78mm viewable area
  • Gain: Adjustable together or as independent X and Y control for ultra precise setting; 0dB to 88dB overall in 0.1dB steps; Input gain selectable 0dB or 14dB
  • Low and High Pass Filters: Low Pass: 3Hz to 2kHz in more than 500 steps; High Pass: DC to 1.95kHz in more than 5000 steps
  • Band Pass & Ultra Filters: Refer to manufacturer for further details
  • Alarms: Alarm options are: + and – levels, Sector and Box; Gate; Flashing LED’s, internal sounder
  • Phase: 0 to 359.9 degrees in 0.1 degree steps.
  • Internal Data Storage: Capacity for up to 50 traces and 50 settings.28-character alphanumeric names, plus time and date stamps. Dynamic data may be recorded and replayed.
  • Conductivity and Coating Thickness Measurement: Capable of measuring electrical conductivity of materials in the range from 1 to 110% IACS
  • Probe compatibility: Absolute Locator (100 ohm impedance); Absolute standard (50 ohm impedance); Bridge; Reflection; Hocking Conductivity Probes
  • Balance Load: Manual or automatic. Selection from 1.3, 8.2, 22, 47, 82 or 120 µH
  • Outputs: Standard RS232 via 5 way Lemo
  • PC Connectivity: Dedicated windows software allows easy reporting and printing.
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Weight: 0.94kg including batteries.
  • Dimensions: 192 W x 140 H x 55 L mm
  • Battery Charger/Eliminator: 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 440Hz
  • Probe Connection: Via 7 way Lemo


General Crack Detection

Locator 2s can be used with a wide range of probes to detect surface-breaking and sub surface cracks. Adapters are available, allowing you to use other manufacturers’ probes.


Conductivity Measurement

Locator 2s can measure the conductivity of metals. This can, among other things aid in the verification of material hardness and in the identification of materials as part of a quality control system.


Coating Thickness Measurement

This function can be used to measure non-conductive coatings such as paint and is often used as a quality control measure in the surface coating industry.


Weld Inspection

Locator 2s can be used with Hocking’s specially designed WeldScan probes to test for cracks reliably and accurately in welds.


Fastener Inspection

Metal around fasteners, such as those found on aircrafts, must be inspected regularly to ensure their material integrity. Locator 2s, coupled with the appropriate probe, can easily and quickly carry out such inspections.


Thread Inspection

Thread inspection is carried out in a range of industries, including aerospace, petrochemical, civil engineering and automotive. Locator 2s provides the ideal solution to ensure quality, safety and reliability.

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Hocking Locator 2s

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