• AutoSigma 3000DL

AutoSigma 3000DL 

Electrical Conductivity Meter 

Measurement of Electrical Conductivity is an accurate and repeatable method for checking non-ferrous metals for identity, grade and material conditions. The AutoSigma 3000DL gives accurate operation in an easy-to-use package that is both light and rugged.

The AutoSigma 3000DL is a unit that has been designed for operator convenience. The lightweight, battery powered unit is easy to carry and easy to hold during inspections. A large character, backlit display makes reading easy even in low light conditions.

The AutoSigma 3000DL has two alternative operating frequencies. The 500kHz frequency allows inspection of thin materials using the standard probe. The 60kHz setting is the aerospace industry standard. Low power circuitry gives up to 100 hours of operation from a single set of alkaline batteries, whilst temperature and lift-off compensation ensure the accuracy of each measurement.

Flexibility of operation is also improved with the AutoSigma 3000DL - the user can exchange probes in the field, without the need to return the unit to base for probe matching. This system allows the instant replacement of damaged probes, and an easy transfer between the different diameter probes available.

The AutoSigma 3000DL has an in-built data-logger facility, allowing the recording of up to 500 readings, the unit can also be connected to a PC for fuller report generation.


Easy to handle conductivity measurement - weighs just 400g

Reads in % IACS or MS/m  

User selectable frequency - 60kHz or 500kHz

User exchangeable probes

0.8% to 110% IACS, 0.45 - 64 MS/m

All readings compensated to 20°C value

100 hour alkaline battery life

500 reading data logger with PC connectivity


The AutoSigma 3000DL has many applications within the field of electrical conductivity testing. It is suitable for:

  • Alloy identification and verification
  • The verification of heat treatment during manufacture and to detect in-service heat damage (e.g. in aircraft)
  • The detection of changes in material grade
  • Metal sorting
  • Determination of the density of powder metal parts
  • To measure the electrical conductivity of material (wire, bus bars and conductors) during production and in-service


Inspection Technology: Eddy Current

Operating Frequencies: 60kHz sinewave and 500kHz sinewave

Display: LCD with selectable backlight

Size: 165L x 76W x 41D mm

Construction & Storage: High impact, splash proof, polycarbonate case. Leather carrying case with strap. Protective case to hold unit, probes, probe cable, operator handbook, and carrying case.

Weight: 0.4kg including batteries

Power: 3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries, Approx 100hrs life without backlight

Conductivity Standards: On top of unit. Removable for value verification and ensuring thermal equilibrium.

Conductivity Range: 0.8% IACS to 110% IACS, 0.45-64 MS/m

Resolution: 10 to 110% IACS, reading 10.0 to 110.0 (1 dec. places)

Lift Off: 12.7mm probe compensated to 0.020” (0.5mm) 8mm probe compensated to 0.010” (0.25mm)

Accuracy At 20°C: At 10% IACS: +/-0.1% IACS At 100% IACS: +/-0.5% IACS

Over Range 0-40°C: At 10% IACS: +/-0.2% IACS At 100% IACS: +/-0.8% IACS Probe in thermal equilibrium with metal.

Temperature Measurement: In-probe sensor (accurate to 0.5°C) Range 0°C to +50°C

Automatic Compensation: Conductivity measurements are corrected to the 20°C value.

Environmental Range: 0 to 95% relative humidity, 0°C to +50°C for reliable operation

Data Logger Memory: Up to 500 readings. Up to 50 files.

Probes: 12.7mm diameter for 60kHz and 500kHz. 8mm probe operaties at 500kHz only. Probes are interchangeable with simple operator re-setting procedure. Replacement probes may be installed by user.

Accessories: Operator Reference Blocks - A range of traceable conductivity references are available for in-field use. Up to five can be mounted on an aluminium anodised holding plate.

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AutoSigma 3000DL

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